E-Commerce Store

We can provide a complete e-commerce solution to your organisation. Below are the features supported by the ecommerce store. Please note that the store can be customised according your company's requirements.

General Features

» Flexible Tax Calculations

» Customers or shoppers can manage their user accounts

» Shipping Address Management allows the customers to enter their own shipping addresses

» Customizable order confirmation mail is sent to Shopper and Store Owner

» Supports multiple currencies which can also allow customers to change the currency and buy using an alternative currency

Product Catalog Features

» Powerful and easy to use administration interface

» Can be used as a Shop or just as an Online-Catalog

» Simple and advanced Search for Products, Categories and Manufacturers

» Supports downloadable products or virtual goods like games, documents, audio, movies, etc

» Product in Stock" notification for the subscribed Customers

Administration Features

» Multiple images and files per product

» Product attributes like size or colour can be added to a product

» Price display can be including or excluding tax

» Stock level control for the products

» Order status management